Visitor guidelines

The Torrione is a historical monument in which various modern facilities are absent, and in order to ensure the safety of your visit you must be aware of some potential risks. We therefore request that you read the following guidelines and that you adhere to them, as well as paying attention to any suggestions made by the staff of the Fondazione Coppola foundation.


Visiting the Torrione involves a certain physical effort due to the steep stairs between each floor of the tower. Entry is not advised for people who suffer from heart conditions, vertigo or claustrophobia.


isitors can enter the Torrione by showing their tickets to the personnel of the foundation at the entrance to the tower.
Each ticket permits access for only one person and cannot be reused. Once you have left the Torrione, re-entry is not permitted.

Appropriate behaviour

Pay attention to the stairs. In some places they are steep and they sometimes vary in height.
Some of the ceilings and doorways are quite low so you must avoid hitting your head on them.
It is forbidden to lean over the parapets on the roof.
Please notify the staff of the foundation about any risks or potential dangers.
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied.
There must be one adult for every 10 children in school groups.
Please speak quietly and with moderation and behave politely, not only within the exhibition spaces, but also while walking up the stairs on the lower floor of the building.
It is forbidden to enter the building with sharp objects, explosives, weapons, or metal tools of any kind. It is also prohibited to bring animals into the building, except for guide dogs or other animals that assist people with disabilities.
It is forbidden to use selfie sticks and photographic tripods.

Storage of bags and large objects

Visitors must leave backpacks and any other bulky objects in the specially designated area on level 1 of the tower.

Appropriate clothing

To ensure easy access to the higher levels of the tower it is necessary to wear suitable shoes, which must have closed toes, without high heels or slippery soles.
In order to maintain the decorum of the place and out of respect for the other visitors it is not allowed to enter the tower wearing beachwear or skimpy clothing. It is also forbidden to enter with a completely masked or covered face.


It is forbidden to smoke or to use electronic cigarettes anywhere in the building.

Food and drinks

It is forbidden to consume food and beverages anywhere in the building.

Cell phones and mobile devices

Mobile phones and similar electronic devices must be turned off or to silent mode inside the exhibition rooms.

The role of the staff

The surveillance personnel are available to provide visitors with generic information on the exhibits and the services that the foundation provides. They are also responsible for protecting the works of art and for ensuring a pleasant and successful experience for visitors. The latter must therefore always follow the indications provided by the members of staff.

Viewing the artworks

Visitors must view the artworks from a proper distance, without getting too close to them or handling any objects that might damage them.
It is strictly prohibited to touch the artworks or to lean on the exhibition panels.

Ensuring the safety of the building and the artworks

In the event of improper behaviour, the surveillance personnel have the right to ask visitors to identify themselves and to make sure that they leave the building, if they continue to misbehave. The management staff are fully authorized to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the building and art works.
If an alarm sounds, visitors must follow the directions of the members of staff.
In the case of an evacuation, visitors must proceed in a disciplined and orderly way, following the directions of the personnel. Upon reaching the designated assembly point they must wait to be counted and comply with any further instructions. The assembly point is in Piazza Castello.

Liability and responsibility

The foundation is exonerated from any liability or responsibility for damage that may be caused by visitors, whether accidentally or deliberately, to the tower, the exhibition structures, the artworks on display, or for injury to other visitors.

Photography and video footage

Inside the exhibition areas of the Fondazione Coppola it is only permitted to take photographs and videos for personal use, and not for monetary gain or profit, as specified by the Italian Law 29/07/2014 n.106.
The use of tripods and the making of videos or photographs, professionally and/or for commercial use, must be previously authorized by the foundation. To request authorization, please contact the management by telephone: 0444-043272, or via email: