Why do we need art? How much truth is there in an image, and what should its role or function be? These are some of the fundamental questions posed by art collections and exhibition spaces.

The Fondazione Coppola intends to put its visitors in the same position as the artists themselves, as they search for the deep reasons behind the works that they produce. Although art can perhaps never provide us with absolute certainties, the mystery of artistic creation can sometimes touch the heart of the beholder.

Most of the artworks exhibited by the Fondazione Coppola are by living artists who have participated in national or international exhibitions, in many cases receiving widespread recognition. Some of them are well-established, while others are emerging young talents, but the distinction between renowned and up-and-coming artists may not be relevant, since the appreciation of art is basically democratic, and everyone can choose his or her favourites, ignoring current opinion and challenging the standards established by critics or followed by the public. We would like to remind our visitors that, in order to be eternal, an artwork must speak directly to their hearts.