Why art?

How much truth is there in an image? Moreover, what is its role?

These questions are implicit in many collections or exhibition spaces.

Fondazione Coppola intends to place the observer in the dimension in which artists search the fundamental reasons of being an artist. And, although art does not hold absolute truths, it offers a chance to touch the hearts of its admirers through the creations of the artists.

Fondazione Coppola exhibits artworks by both emerging and established artists, who have participated in national or international exhibitions, and have even received important acknowledgement for their work. In front of art the distinction between emerging and established artists may not be relevant. Art is in its essence a democratic system. Every observer can choose his or her heroes, and even bypass or subvert the canons dictated by the current public or critic opinion.

May the visitor always keep in mind that an artwork, to become immortal, must first of all speak the language of his heart.