Fondazione Coppola, in collaboration with Casa Testori, presents "Andrea Bianconi. UPSTAIR," an exhibition curated by Giuseppe Frangi hosted at the Torrione from July 23 to Oct. 30, 2022.

It all starts from when, last year, Andrea Bianconi made himself the protagonist of a performance attended by hundreds of people, carrying his "Millennium Chair" on his shoulders, from the square of the Basilica Palladiana up to the lantern of the Torrione of Vicenza, 40 meters high. Now he returns to the top floor of the Torrione offering an installation of 12 large drawings as a surprising corollary to that performance. The 12 drawings, in fact, precede Bianconi's action, as they represent its genetic moment in which the idea, emblematic of the "Millennium Chair," took shape. This reconfirms how, from the artist's point of view, drawing is an indispensable experience, the source of every creative process. Paper is the true cradle of the idea and the practice of drawing the method of bringing it forth: "the crucial place for the production of meaning," as William Kentridge has written.

Those exhibited therefore are much more than design drawings: the obsessiveness of the sign that fills the entire surface, the dilation of dimensions, and the Piranesian reversal of perspectives reveal an entirely performative approach on Bianconi's part. For him, paper becomes the terrain of a real artistic action carried out almost in a trance.

The drawings represent the necessary antecedent of the performance created by Andrea Bianconi, but at the same time they are its surprising continuation. Or rather, a powerful and visionary superfetation. The stairs of the Torrione were the key device of the 2021 performance: in fact, the action entailed solo ascent, with armchair on the shoulders, of the 146 steps, while the audience outside awaited the outcome, announced through the lighting of the spotlights positioned at the top. Now the drawings pose as a continuation of that climb, up stairs that become increasingly steep and impassable and of which, above all, a landing is never revealed to us. The drawings thus on the one hand weave an even more intimate dialogue with the place, identifying and enhancing that fascinating functional and even conceptual line of force represented by the stairs. On the other they bring Andrea Bianconi's idea to fruition, removing it from our reach and projecting it in a direction that overwhelms physical space to break into an entirely mental space, the exclusive realm of the artist.


Andrea Bianconi. Upstair
Exhibition curated by: Giuseppe Frangi
Promoted by: Fondazione Coppola in collaboration with Casa Testori

Exhibition date:

Opening on Friday 22 July 2022 from 6pm.
23 July 2022 – 30 October 2022



Access: € 5,00
Reduced admission for seniors (over 65 years) 65 €4,00
Free admission for minors under 18 years.

Opening hours

Fridays from 2pm to 6pm
Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm
Sundays from 2pm to 6pm
Last admission half an hour before closing time.


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